Hyperlapse From Instagram: What You Need To Know.

Hyperlapse for Instagram Hands-On: Beautiful Videos Made Simple Instagram has a new app called Hyperlapse that makes creating time-lapse videos super easy. What would normally take professional equipment and a lot of patience has been shrunk down into a pocketable experience. All you need is an iOS device to do it. file:///C:/Users/DL1989/Downloads/google1db422fcb27229fc.html

How Social Media Leads to More Sales

At the heart of the social media revolution lies an apparently logical assumption: that somehow social media marketing which devolves into such quantitative gamification as ‘Likes’, ‘Followers’ and ‘G Plussers’, must translate into greater brand awareness, more word-of-mouth publicity and, eventually, more sales. After all, that’s how things work in the offline world so there… More How Social Media Leads to More Sales