Hyperlapse From Instagram: What You Need To Know.

Hyperlapse for Instagram Hands-On: Beautiful Videos Made Simple Instagram has a new app called Hyperlapse that makes creating time-lapse videos super easy. What would normally take professional equipment and a lot of patience has been shrunk down into a pocketable experience. All you need is an iOS device to do it. file:///C:/Users/DL1989/Downloads/google1db422fcb27229fc.html

@SincereArtist Future Client Appreciation : Day 1

The first artist were going to look at today for our Future Client Appreciation week is Sincere the musician and entrepreneur has been on the “underground” for the last few years but with his summer smashes “Ain’t Nobody Like You” & “Deja Vu” has made his way into the mainstream. As part of this FCA… More @SincereArtist Future Client Appreciation : Day 1