Hyperlapse From Instagram: What You Need To Know.

Hyperlapse for Instagram Hands-On: Beautiful Videos Made Simple Instagram has a new app called Hyperlapse that makes creating time-lapse videos super easy. What would normally take professional equipment and a lot of patience has been shrunk down into a pocketable experience. All you need is an iOS device to do it. file:///C:/Users/DL1989/Downloads/google1db422fcb27229fc.html

How Social Media Leads to More Sales

At the heart of the social media revolution lies an apparently logical assumption: that somehow social media marketing which devolves into such quantitative gamification as ‘Likes’, ‘Followers’ and ‘G Plussers’, must translate into greater brand awareness, more word-of-mouth publicity and, eventually, more sales. After all, that’s how things work in the offline world so there… More How Social Media Leads to More Sales

If Your Promoting On Facebook Don’t Do This…:Events

The one thing I hate about people promoting on Facebook is that 99.45% of the time, for some reason when inviting people to events why create an event and then click all to all friends. This isn’t promoting/marketing at all this is spam carefully pick who may be interested in your event I don’t think… More If Your Promoting On Facebook Don’t Do This…:Events